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Energy – Power & Light

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Power Diagnostics

-     Transient/travelling wave sensing and process system:

Fault locator using the GPS for power transmission lines/cables

Non-contact electromagnetic field sensor and wave analysis/evaluation software

for substations and power transmission lines/cables.

-     High voltage isolation diagnostic equipment for partial discharge and surge withstand

Custom-made and commercially available products and support.

-     Impulse generator of high/low voltage or large current

-     Computer simulation of transient phenomenon and travelling wave for analysis and evaluation:

EMTP-RV, MATLAB, FEM tools used.


For more information: info@orion-corp.co.jp


High-Tech Materials for Power Electronics

For robot arm, semiconductor, astronautic, engine parts, industrial roll, heat spreader, etc.

(Orion Corporation makes domestic and international sales for FJ Composite Materials Co., Ltd.)


-    High-performance carbon-based heat spreader and low/high power applications with IGBT, etc.:

Low CTE 6.0 to 10 x 10-6/deg C, High thermal capacity 150 to 370W/mK

-    High-performance carbon bipolar plate for PEFC (Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell):

Density 1.95, Bending strength 60MPa, Resistance 5mΩcm, Gas permeability 10-7 to 10-8 cm3/cm2/sec

-    Light weight and high modulus composite of carbon fiber and aluminum (FMC):

Density 2.2g/cm3, Modulus 500GPa, Strength 900MPa, Thermal conductivity 500W/mK, de-gas free

-    High modulus carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) for robot arm, autoclave, etc.:

CF : Pitch based ( E=800GPa  

-     R &D for new materials of high modulus, excellent thermal characteristics,

high porocity and/or low friction.


For more information: info@orion-corp.co.jp


Heavy Duty LED Lighting Equipment

For outdoor heavy-duty and indoor cost-performance applications (made by Taiwan GLED Lighting Technology Inc.)

-     Outdoor heavy-duty LED light for industrial use

IP68, anti-salt, 310lm and 80% energy-saving with 5 year warranty (40-150W/3,300-14 available)

For details: Click here.

-     Indoor long-life LED light for industrial use

Ultra bright, High efficiency (lm/W), Easy driver replacing system, Easy installation, Maximized lifespan

with 5 year warranty (25W/30W/40W/50W/1,850-3,850lm available)

For details: Click here.


Catalogs         Outdoor Heavy-Duty IP68 LED Light (ML Series)

                        Outoor/Indoor IP65 Industrial LED Light (VLP Series)

                        Indoor Office LED Light (CL Series)


Case Study     High Bay Light



Durability Test

YouTube movie “GLED LED Industrial Lighting ML35 150W 3000K IP68 product test”)

(On-the-spot movie reporting real durability test of GLED's ML35 LED light of high environmental resistance)



For more information: info@orion-corp.co.jp




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