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Orion Corporation



(Head Quarter)

Kimitsu R & D Center

2nd Fl., Shin-Showa No.5 Bldg.,

1-5-15 Higashi-Sakata, Kimitsu City,

Chiba Pref. 299-1144, Japan

TEL   +81-439-27-0319

TEL   +81-439-27-0329



1 November 2012



Toshiaki Kojima



Yen 9,000,000



Tokyo Tomin Bank


Chiba Bank Kimitsu Branch


Main Operation

1. Consulting on business of defense, security, and ecology.



2. Import/export, domestic sale, and rental/lease of defense equipment and



   electronic products and their  materials, parts and tools.



3. ESCO (Energy Service Company) business and Import/export and domestic



   sale of ecological products



4. Consulting on countermeasures against Lightning damages and other natural



   disasters as well as import/export, domestic sale, and rental/lease of dedicated



   systems and equipment.



5. Import/export, domestic sale, and rental/lease of LED products and other



   energy-saving equipment.



6. Import/export, domestic sale, and rental/lease of ships, aircraft, vehicles and



   related equipment/parts.



7. Trade, operation, brokerage and management of real estates



8. Holding of securities and portfolio investments



9. Dispatch of instructors and their education concerning music and other



   intellectual education as well as sale and rental of related products



10. Agent business of property insurance and that based upon Automobile



     Accident Compensation Security Act as well as life insurance solicitor business



11. All business pertinent and related to each of the above articles.







Nerima Office

Suite 1203, 5-31-2 Kasugacho, Nerima-Ku,



Tokyo 179-0074 Japan



TEL     +81-3-5848-3969

TEL     +81-3-5848-3507



1 Nov '12 Established.


1 Apr '13 Increased capital.







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